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Hevruta Gap-Year Program

A Wellspring program for young adults

Join Hevruta for a transformative gap year in Jerusalem!

Hevruta: Learn. Engage. Thrive.

Experience Israel from within. Join our vibrant community of Israelis and North Americans for an unforgettable experience surrounded by like-minded peers dedicated to learning, community building, and making a positive impact. Forge lifelong connections and embark on a transformative journey.

You will acquire leadership skills to address the most significant challenges facing the Jewish people and the world today. Hevruta alumni are better prepared for higher education and for a diverse range of professional paths.

“This year has given me a lot of tools. Now I know that if I want to do something, within myself, I have the power.” 
– Abner G., Hevruta Alum 

CORE COMPONENTS : Learning, Volunteering + Internships, and Community

Learning lies at the heart of Hevruta, forming the foundation for all activities. Our curriculum fosters a deep understanding of Jewish identity today, allowing participants to explore key issues that shape our collective narrative. Topics include Hebrew Ulpan, Halacha, Jewish Culture and Thought, Shared Society, American Jewish Identity, Current Events, and Talmud.

Volunteering + Internships. Our vision is to contribute meaningfully to Jerusalem, by responding to the needs of the most vulnerable of the city.

The Hevruta Community is an intentional part of gap-year life where students actively participate in shaping their day-to-day experience. North American students live, study, and experience Israel alongside their Israeli counterparts participating in the Israeli Hevruta Pre-Army program. Group dynamics are strengthened through open discourse, participant-led activities, and shared programming.

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Experience Hevruta: where learning, service, and community thrive.

Open to young adults from diverse backgrounds in Israel and North America, our program provides a dynamic learning experience in the heart of Jerusalem that incorporates study of both classic and modern Jewish texts, issues, and values, as well as internships and volunteering.

“I didn’t want to be inside an “American bubble” for my gap-year. I wanted to experience Israel from the inside.”
– Lauren S., Hevruta Alum

Yeshiva Track with Advanced Talmud Study 

Students with a passion for Talmud study may choose the Advanced Talmud Study track to engage in rigorous study in a religiously pluralistic beit midrash. These students also participate in the other extensive offerings that are part of Hevruta, including community building, volunteering, and exploring Israel.

Oct 26, 2023

The events of the past few weeks and war in Israel will be a defining, even identity-shaping, moment for a generation of young Jews

Dec 14, 2023

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Alumni Opportunities

Feb 8, 2023

Join North American Hevruta alumni for a weekend of learning and community building.

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Hevruta Program Madricha

Hevruta Program Madricha

Hevruta Program Madrich


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Hevruta Faculty

Hevruta Faculty

Hevruta Faculty

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