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Hevruta Gap-Year Program

A Wellspring program for young adults

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Hevruta Gap-Year Program invites Israelis and North Americans to establish a joint community founded on discourse and values in the heart of Jerusalem. The program is open to young men and women from all over Israel and North America, from religious and secular backgrounds, who represent a variety of worldviews. Hevruta’s goal is to demonstrate how a community that celebrates learning and social engagement can promote tolerant dialogue in the Jewish world by generating a positive identity discourse based on shared aims and beliefs.

NEW TO HEVRUTA FOR 2023-24! Yeshiva Track with Advanced Talmud Study
Our new intensive Yeshiva Track includes everything students love about Hevruta – community building, volunteering, and learning in a pluralistic community – with even deeper study and more intensive learning.

Sep 11, 2023

Apply now for 2023-2024

Hevruta operates according to three guiding principles – learning, social engagement, and community life. Graduates of the program acquire skills that support leadership, meaningful discourse and social engagement, which will go on to serve them as they address some of the most significant challenges facing the Jewish People today – whether in the context of their military service, higher education, or professional life.

Learning at Hevruta includes both classic and modern Jewish texts that introduce participants to the diversity and richness of Jewish tradition and intellectual history. Learning serves as a point of departure for participants to explore beyond the gates of the Hartman Institute, as they blend into Jerusalem’s unique fabric and volunteer with civil society organizations and social movements to contribute to their society and local community.

Hevruta is based in Jerusalem and the city plays a key role in the program. Our location affords participants access to the heart of Jewish history, exposing them to the many complexities – including religious, socioeconomic and intellectual diversity – that characterize Jerusalem. Jerusalem also serves as a laboratory in which the essential challenges facing the Jewish people as a society and as a nation can be closely examined.

From Our Students & Leadership

Sep 11, 2023

Working with college students on Israel conversations can be fraught, but it can also be transformative.

Sep 11, 2023

As a Jewish woman, I am inspired on the most basic level by the words of my Jewish ancestors, and by the reinterpretation of those words by modern-day Jewish scholars.

Alumni Opportunities

Sep 11, 2023

Join North American Hevruta alumni for a weekend of learning and community building.

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