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Shared Jewish Vision: One Friendship at a Time

It's time to redefine the foundations of Israel-Diaspora relations. Building genuine friendships can lay the foundations for a shared future.
Elisha Baker, Shani Shtibelman, Andrew Sone

Elisha Baker

Shani Shtibelman

Andrew Sone

“We – one natural-born, half-Mizrachi and half-Ashkenazi Israeli (Shani), one Canadian-American oleh (Andrew), and one Jewish-American committed to staying in America (Elisha) – have lived together since September, participating in the Hartman Institute’s gap year/mechinah, Hevruta. Our shared experiences have convinced us that it is time to redefine the foundations of the Israel-Diaspora relationship with the collective Jewish future in mind. As the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs encourages us to celebrate Diaspora Week this week, we declare that we all must cultivate interpersonal bonds in ways that are relevant to Israelis and American Jews. Over time, building genuine friendships can lay the foundations for a shared vision for our future.”

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