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June 21-28, 2023 in Jerusalem!


What are the core commitments of modern Judaism and Zionism?

Join us in Jerusalem this summer to be part of our community of leaders and learners exploring the Jewish commitments that define
our religious, spiritual, and communal lives. Can we challenge ourselves to reflect on Jewish meaning, belonging, and obligation with fresh eyes?

  • What are the core religious and spiritual commitments that define modern Judaism?
  • How do we engage ideas of obligation, sacrifice, and belief as modern Jews?
  • What central values inform our relationship to an Israel in transition?

Together, we will work to shape the Jewish future.

Hartman Torah comes to life each summer at our signature CLP Community Leadership Program. It’s an unparalleled opportunity to discover the power of Jewish ideas, strengthen our understanding of the core challenges impacting Jewish life, and reinvigorate us to tackle the important work we are committed to advancing in our own communities.

This intensive week-long, text-based study seminar features leading scholars in Talmud, Bible, Jewish philosophy and theology, history, mysticism, and more. Each summer follows a theme from Jewish tradition around which texts and ideas are arranged.

The program attracts a wide range of adult learners interested in a week of pluralistic, open-minded, intellectually rigorous study that strengthens and expands their intellectual horizons, enabling them to respond more meaningfully to the issues and challenges facing Jewish life today.

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