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Jewish Ethics and the Public Sphere

Jewish Ethics and the Public Sphere


Jul 25, 2022

A century of science fiction should be enough to demonstrate that we’re fascinated by the prospect of creating true artificial life.

Jul 8, 2022

As the vision of neutrality in the public sphere is defeated, all Jews – not just Chabad – will need a strategy to compete in the marketplace of religion

Jun 2, 2022

Micah Goodman, Jonathan Haidt

Micah Goodman and Jonathan Haidt explore how faith and ethics can contribute to healing a society broken apart by technology.

Mar 28, 2022

Israel’s recent experience of rampant expansion of sex segregation in public spaces should serve as a cautionary tale for American policymakers.

Jan 25, 2022

Rabbi Angela Buchdahl delivered a powerful sermon after fielding two phone calls from the gunman at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, TX.

Jan 21, 2022

How can we maintain our safety without closing the door to one of our most sacred obligations, welcoming the stranger?

Jan 12, 2022

A closer look at the story of David and Bathsheba can help us do what’s right rather than defend the worst.

Dec 31, 2021

For Israel to represent our most noble Jewish values, it must pursue peace, and prevent racism, and xenophobia from having any foothold in the Jewish state.

Nov 16, 2021

Four-part series led by Elana Stein Hain exploring how rabbinic tradition navigated everyday life’s uncertainties.

Oct 18, 2021

Christine Hayes and Benjamin Balint discuss her Sources essay, Shaming, Disagreement & Purposeful Difference

Jul 28, 2021

Episode 6 of the G20 Interfaith Forum (IF20) “Ahead of the 2021 Italy G20 Summit” webinar series

Jul 14, 2021

What does it mean to be in a relationship with Israel that engages both the imagined and real Israel, the familiar and the foreign?

Jul 13, 2021

Mishael Zion revisits the dilemmas we faced and mines those experiences as inspiration for the future.

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The End of Policy Substance in Israel Politics