The Min HaBe’erot program for Jewish and Arab educators brings values-based knowledge and practical pedagogy to educators who become committed partners in developing inter-religious and intercultural educational opportunities in their communities.

The program brings together Jewish and Arab educators to learn texts drawn from both cultures. These study sessions allow participants to overcome cultural, social and religious barriers and contribute to the advancement of a shared life of peace, based on mutual respect and equality.

By training participants as change agents who can influence the culture, ethos and discourse among educators and students in their own schools, the program seeks to create an inclusive, pluralistic, and humanistic Israeli dialogue based an understanding of different identities. Graduates advance the ideas and curricula they have learned, and disseminate a multicultural approach to their own students. In the same spirit, the program cultivates long-term relationships between schools representing both societies. 

Min HaBe’erot aspires to be a central force in changing the educational discourse surrounding religious and cultural traditions in Israeli schools and community settings.  When these ideas become an integral part of everyday life, they have the power to serve as a foundation for sustainable partnerships between  Jewish and Arab communities.

We are grateful to our funders for their partnership and support of our initiatives.


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