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SHI Senior Faculty and Rabbi

Rabbi Shoshana Cohen is a Senior Faculty member and serves as teacher and mentor for North American gap-year students studying in Israel, preparing them for Jewish life in college, and supporting them after they return to their campuses in North America. She was also a member of Cohort II of the Created Equal Fellowship. Prior to coming to Hartman Shoshana was a senior faculty member at the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem for over a decade where she taught Talmud, Midrash and Gender Studies. She has served as scholar-in-residence in communities across the US.

Shoshana was the educational director of ATZUM’s Takum, a social justice beit midrash housed at the CY. She has completed advanced studies at Hebrew University, Matan and the Hartman Institute and has rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Daniel Landes. She is a founding member of Reshut haRabim, the Jerusalem Forum for Jewish Renewal Organizations. Lecturing in Hebrew and in English she has been on the faculty of the Drisha Institute, the Hartman Girl’s High School, Yeshivat Talpiot, and Yeshivat Hadar. 

Shoshana Cohen


Jul 21, 2023

To be a Jewish feminist is to live on the border between a commitment to text and tradition and a constant critique of the status quo – in Judaism and society as a whole.

Jul 12, 2022

Examining the biblical verses whose conflicting interpretations led to the splitting of paths between these traditions.

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