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Educational Director, Beit Midrash for Israeli Rabbis

Rabbi Tamar Elad-Appelbaum is the founder of ZION: An Eretz Israeli Congregation in Jerusalem; and the co-founder of the Beit Midrash for Israeli Rabbis at the Hartman Institute and Ha Midrasha at Oranim.

Board member of Tag Meir, 929, Meitarim network, Yanshuf, IJCIC, and more, Honey fellow, recipient of the Hebrew University Flegg Prize and co-recipient of the Stulman prize.

Her work spans and links tradition and innovation, working toward Jewish spiritual-ethical renaissance through the renewal of community life in Israel and the struggle for human dignity.

Served as rabbi of Congregation Magen Avraham in the Negev; as a congregational rabbi in White Plains New York alongside Rabbi Gordon Tucker, co-editor of the Mashiv Haruach Jerusalem poem anthology (2014), co-author of the Lev Shalem commentary for Pirkei Avot (2018).

In 2010 she was named by the Forward as one of the five most influential female religious leaders in Israel for her work promoting pluralism and Jewish religious freedom.

Tamar Elad-Appelbaum


Feb 6, 2024

Jan 24, 2024

Three short videos about the work of the Hartman Israeli Rabbis Network post-October 7

Nov 20, 2023

Jan 25, 2023

Vatican conference on the involvement of women in interreligious dialogue

Jul 14, 2022

High holiday shiur from Rabbinic Torah Seminar (RTS) 2022 in Jerusalem

May 29, 2022

Rabbi Tamar Elad-Appelbaum gave the keynote address at the 2022 Hebrew College commencement.

Jul 17, 2020

Gathering in prayer for the well-being of rabbis and spiritual leaders in this moment of intense pressure and concern.

Jul 13, 2020

What price do we pay for intervention, and what price do we pay for indifference?

May 6, 2019

On the eve of Yom HaShoah, members of the community gathered at the Hartman Institute for an experiential and personal memory circle.

Aug 29, 2017

Rabbinic high Holiday Webinar with Rabbi Tamar Elad-Appelbaum

Jul 10, 2016

Tamar Elad-Appelbaum discusses challenges of Israeli Jewish identity in this 2016 HART Talk

Feb 2, 2014

Yossi Klein Halevi, Tamar Elad-Appelbaum, Daniel Gordis, Daniel Landis

Yossi Klein Halevi, Daniel Gordis, Tamar Elad-Applebaum, Daniel Landes in a panel discussion during the annual Hartman Conference on Winds of Change

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