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Matan Hayat teaches Bible at the Keshet school in Jerusalem and at the regional school in Ein Gedi. Matan served as an elite combat soldier in the Nahal Brigade. Currently, he is a social activist in Jerusalem. He initiated many projects that advance a pluralistic Jerusalem, including the Singing in the Garden project – communal singing in public spaces, Elul on the Path – learning and thinking trips for youth, Shabati – creating cultural and leisure events in Jerusalem on Shabbat, and Double Yerushalmi – a Jerusalem backgammon championship for Jews and Arabs. He currently serves as the coordinator of the Simply Sing project, which organizes musical events for Jerusalemite Jews and Arabs. In the past he served as the CEO of HaKova HaHafuch (The Upside-Down Hat), an organization that held cultural events with additional value. Matan holds a BA in Bible and Jewish Philosophy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an MA in Jewish Education from the Revivim Program at the Hebrew University.

Matan Hayat


Jan 24, 2024

Three short videos about the work of the Hartman Israeli Rabbis Network post-October 7

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