Torah of Possibility for an Uncertain Future
Torah of Possibility for an Uncertain Future
Hartman Virtual Summer Symposium 2021

Even in the most challenging times for the Jewish people, scholars at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Israel and North America push themselves to think about what could be and to focus on a Torah of Possibility. A constructive outlook and an orientation toward hope, love, and compassion are all hallmarks of the Jewish people.

At our Summer Symposium from Monday, July 5 – Thursday, July 15, 2021 we explored what the Jewish future could look like through public lectures, deep conversations, study seminars, and intimate learning opportunities exploring what could be:

  • What could an Israel-Diaspora relationship look like?
  • What could a new understanding of antisemitism look like?
  • What could the dynamics of power and privilege look like?
  • What could Jewish Identity look like?
  • What could Zionism look like?  
  • What could community look like?  
  • What could home look like?