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Director, Washington, DC and Co-Director, Muslim Leadership Initiative


Jennifer Raskas is the Director, Washington, DC at the Shalom Hartman Institute of North America, where she oversees the institute’s vision, strategy, programs, and partnerships in the Greater Washington area. Through this work, she leads the institute’s efforts to provide Washington-based Jewish leaders with thought leadership rooted in Jewish sources that help them tackle the biggest challenges facing the Jewish Community. She is also the Co-Director, with Imam Abdullah Antepli and Yossi Klein Halevi, of the Shalom Hartman Institute’s Muslim Leadership Initiative.

Jennifer received her Master’s in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government where she studied democracy, Arabic, and Middle East studies.  She graduated from Columbia University, Magna Cum Laude, with a BA in psychology and a concentration in political science. Jennifer is the founder and an inaugural scholar of the International Halakha Scholars Program, of the Susi Bradfield Women’s Institute of Halakhic Leadership of Ohr Torah Stone. She is also a trained facilitator for Resetting the Table, an organization that builds meaningful dialogue and deliberation across divides.

Jennifer has extensive experience in formal and informal Jewish education, as well as interfaith and intergroup work. She teaches classes widely on Hebrew literary approaches to readings in Tanakh and is a trained educator for the Matan Institute of Torah Studies program – Jewish Women Through the Ages. Her writings have appeared in academic journals and in online learning forums.

Jennifer Raskas


Sep 25, 2022

Jennifer Raskas, Yosefa (Fogel) Wruble

Jennifer Raskas illustrates how Moshe’s final series of actions as leader integrate effective strategies of public activism.

May 9, 2022

An experiential gathering of Holocaust remembrance that weaves together poetry, prayer, song, survivor testimonies, and audience participation.

Mar 19, 2021

What could be more sacred than the Tabernacle, where the Divine Presence rests? Maybe the interpersonal relationships we imbue with that very holiness.

Dec 13, 2020

Usually we light Hanukkah candles as long as people are out and about. But this year, with people isolated at home, we needed a new way to share our light with others,

Oct 22, 2020

How could it be that speaking the same language would more likely lead to sin than speaking multiple languages?

Jul 30, 2020

Our present experience of quarantine and isolation can help us connect with the timeless sorrow for a destroyed Jerusalem.

May 27, 2020

Jennifer Raskas shares a number of different approaches and insights to the Book of Ruth.

Mar 10, 2020

Through writing, Esther takes ownership of her story and the story of Purim that the Jewish people will tell for generations to come

Dec 13, 2019

How Esau's twin lost his wrestling match with the angel, and redeemed a lifetime of deception (Vayishlach)

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