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Living a more meaningful Jewish life while juggling the responsibilities of parenthood. Who’s perfect?

You’re raising Jewish children. You want to do your best, but it can be tough to anticipate all of the big questions and know how to respond. How do you make living a Jewish life, Shabbat, holidays, and Israel relevant and joyful? How do you talk about God when you’re not sure about your own beliefs? When do you bring up antisemitism and what do you say? How do you navigate Hanukkah and Christmas, or Easter and Passover, in big, diverse families? And how do you do all of this great Jewish parenting when you’re juggling a million other responsibilities?

Each week your hosts Joshua Ladon and Masua Sagiv, Hartman faculty and parents of kids ages 3 to 14, chat with guests about the complexity of integrating Judaism into modern life, all while juggling the demands of parenthood and seemingly endless choices. Join us for honest and irreverent discussions about Israel, the Holocaust, Shabbat, interfaith families, infertility, and more. 

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Perfect Jewish Parents: Israel at War

The ongoing war with Hamas has flooded our communities with grief, sorrow, and anger. In a series of special episodes, Perfect Jewish Parents hosts Masua Sagiv and Joshua Ladon explore the core questions and values these difficult moments illuminate so that parents, caregivers, and educators can navigate complex conversations with young people and meet this important moment.

This is Perfect Jewish Parents: Israel at War

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