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Research Fellow

Dr. Menachem Lorberbaum is a Senior Research Fellow of the Kogod Research Center at Shalom Hartman Institute, where he led the Bet Midrash program for four years. He has a doctorate in philosophy from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is professor of Jewish Philosophy at Tel Aviv University, where he was founding chairperson of the Department of Hebrew Culture Studies, and where he chaired the Graduate School of Philosophy.

His most recent book on Jewish theology, I Seek Thy Face, is soon to be published. Dazzled by Beauty: Theology as Poetics in Hispanic Jewish Culture was published by the Ben Zvi Institute, Jerusalem.

Menachem is co-editor of a four-volume work, The Jewish Political Tradition , along with Michael Walzer and Noam Zohar . The third volume, Community, is now in press. Along with Michal Govrin he edits the poetry series Devarim at Carmel Press, which has published four volumes of his verse.

Menachem Lorberbaum


Jul 26, 2010

Dec 22, 2009

Shlomo Ibn Gvirol is known as a wonderful poet and an influential philosopher, writes Menachem Lorberbaum. However, while his philosophical writing deals with the importance of the human journey towards perfection using the intellect, poetry allowed him to relate to the materiality of the human body. On the tension between writing philosophy and writing poetry, and the complexity of the author’s world.

Jan 29, 2008

Our politicians would do well to learn a thing or two from Moshe: a man humble enough to listen to others, but not so humble that he can no longer lead

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The End of Policy Substance in Israel Politics