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Great Books: Maimonides` Political Theory

Dr. Menachem Lorberbaum is a former Senior Research Fellow of the Kogod Research Center at Shalom Hartman Institute, where he led the Bet Midrash program for four years. He has a doctorate in philosophy from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is professor of Jewish Philosophy at Tel Aviv University, where he was founding chairperson of the Department of Hebrew Culture Studies, and where he chaired the Graduate School of Philosophy. His most recent book

Lecture Title: Great Books: Maimonides’ Political Theory

Lecturer: Menachem Loberbaum

Lecture Sources

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A. Guide to the Perplexed

1. Part I, Ch. 54  English here

2. Part II Ch. 40   English here

3. Part III Ch. 11   English here

4. Part III Ch. 27   English here

5. Part III Ch. 54   English here

B. Mishneh Torah,Hilkhot Melakhim

6. Ch. 3, halakhot 7-10  English here

7. Ch. 11   English here

8. Ch. 12   English here

Program: Rabbinic Leadership Initiative

Program Year: 2010

Program Theme: Foundations of the Ethical

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