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Senior Editor

Claire E. Sufrin is the Senior Editor at the Shalom Hartman Institute of North America. She was previously a fellow in the Kogod Research Center for 2 years. Claire holds a PhD in Religious Studies from Stanford University, where her research focused on the German-Jewish thinker Martin Buber.

Before joining Hartman, she taught for 12 years in the Crown Family Center for Jewish and Israel Studies at Northwestern University. She has also taught at the University of Notre Dame, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Northeastern University, where she was a Schusterman Postdoctoral Fellow in Jewish Studies. Since her graduate school days, she has also been a well-regarded adult educator in a variety of settings.

Claire’s written work has appeared in a variety of academic and other publications on topics including Buber’s writings about the Bible and his philosophy of history; post-Holocaust theology; the intersection of religion and literature; and Jewish feminism. She is co-editor of The New Jewish Canon, a collection of the most significant Jewish ideas and debates of the past two generations.

Claire lives in Evanston, Ill with her husband Michael Simon and their two children.

Sep 25, 2023

Exploring how Jewish thought be in dialogue with contemporary societal questions related to sex and gender.

Claire Sufrin


Dec 20, 2022

From Claire E. Sufrin, Editor of Sources

Aug 1, 2022

How have Jewish thinkers defined the relationship between the modern Jewish individual, the Jewish people, and the Jewish past?

Feb 16, 2021

Why does some dialogue between people of different religious commitments succeed and others fail? And what does it mean for interfaith dialogue to be successful?

Feb 1, 2021

Yehuda Kurtzer and Claire Sufrin discuss Judaism’s recent transformation and their new book ‘The New Jewish Canon’ on Times of Israel's 'Behind the Headlines'

Jan 27, 2021

The New Jewish Canon was listed as a finalist in the "Modern Jewish Thought and Experience" category for the 2020 awards.

Oct 8, 2020

In "The New Jewish Canon," Yehuda Kurtzer and Claire Sufrin collect 35 years of communal debate.

Oct 2, 2020

What is a contemporary Jewish canon? Who decides what's in and what's out, what are the ramifications of those choices, and why does it matter?

Jul 16, 2020

Review of The New Jewish Canon: Ideas & Debates 1980-2015, edited by Yehuda Kurtzer and Claire E. Sufrin.

Jun 8, 2020

For five years, Claire E. Sufrin and Yehuda Kurtzer have been working on a book project on our relationship to the past.

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