2021 Yom Hashoah Hitkansut (Jerusalem)

Virtual community gathering for Holocaust Remembrance Day 2021

An experiential and personal ceremony designed to emphasize the memory of the Jews who perished and perpetuate the struggle for life. The active partnership of those in the circle emphasizes the unity of destiny: all of us are survivors of extermination decrees. Participants turn memory into a personal commitment to eliminate all forms of dehumanization, present and future.

Participants read a “Haggadah for Holocaust Remembrance Day” which was composed especially for the ceremony and interweaves reading, testimonies, discussion, prayer, and even moments of silence. The voices of those who perished and survivors, and of generations who remember from different views, is spread across each of the pages of the Haggadah – to which the participants add their voices, memories and thoughts as a multifaceted expression of the same destiny and responsibility. (program in Hebrew)

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