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Volunteering + Internships

One of the main foundations of the Hevruta program is Social Engagement. Our vision is to create a meaningful social impact in Jerusalem, by responding to the needs of the Jerusalem community and our local Gonenim neighborhood.

Students are involved in social engagement in three main areas:

  1. Community Volunteering: on a weekly basis, participants of Hevruta volunteer at a set framework. The fields are varied and include volunteering with children, youth at risk, elderly, minority communities and people with special needs.
  2. Organizational Internships: participants of Hevruta also intern weekly at an organization with a social, political, cultural or humanitarian orientation. The fields in which they volunteer include parliament and municipality, human rights and welfare, religion and state, Jewish-Arab relations and more.
  3. Social Activism Projects: these are events that take place a few times throughout the year and are initiated and led by the participants, for example: running a Purim fair with special needs children, decorating communal gardens, distributing food to the needy and more.
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