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The Revelation Will Be Digitized: Jewish Education After Covid

Exploring questions that have emerged for Jewish education and how they will shape Jewish life in the future.
Joshua Ladon, Miriam Heller-Stern, Daniel Septimus,Lisa Colton
Rabbi Dr. Joshua Ladon is the Director of Education for the Shalom Hartman Institute of North America, where he guides the content and curriculum of national and regional programs to help to ensure our cutting-edge offerings speak to the realities of the Jewish community and the challenges of the Jewish people. An award-winning educator, Joshua previously oversaw programming for Hartman in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to Hartman he served as the Dean of Student

Miriam Heller-Stern

Daniel Septimus

Lisa Colton

The Revelation will be Digitized: Jewish Education After Covid-19

In this virtual conversation, Miriam Heller-Stern (HUC-JIR), Daniel Septimus (Sefaria), and Lisa Colton (Darim Online), moderated by Hartman’s Director of West Coast Education Joshua Ladon explore the questions that emerge for Jewish education in this turbulent time and imagine how this shift will come to shape Jewish life in the future.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a rapid transition in the fields of Jewish education, forcing institutions that previously relied on in-person programs to develop digital offerings on the fly. Moving Jewish life online is not a simple technical change but one that brings with it large scale challenges about what is seen as Judaism and what it means to be a Jew.

This radical shift to digital Jewish education begs questions about how we teach, what we teach and how we practice. Given the breadth of the Jewish education industry, it’s not really clear when Jewish education bleeds into Jewish life and this becomes even more salient through the use of digital media and educational technology.


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