The goal of the Theology research team, led by David Zvi Kalman is to make discussion of the Jewish God more interesting and more accessible.

One of the Kogod Research Center’s newest research teams, the Theology team was founded in 2018 in order to explore issues of faith in the Jewish tradition, a subject which is too often only explored indirectly. Bringing together scholars from a wide variety of backgrounds, the team attempts to place historical Jewish perspectives on God in conversation with contemporary ideas and issues, both with the Jewish world and in America.

In its inaugural 2018–2019 year, the Theology team began by exploring ideas about the relationship between theology and technology. In the present year, the team has taken up two questions. First, the team took a step back to consider the role of God conversations in an age of profound skepticism. Following this, the team turned to a very specific and very pressing question: can Jewish theology speak to the present environmental crisis—and if it can, what does it have to say?

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