The new Center for Judaism and State Policy aims to strengthen Jewish unity within Israel and with world Jewry by reshaping the policies of the State of Israel on the issues of state and religion. The Center will promote a liberal and pluralistic agenda on issues of state and religion through public advocacy, applied research, and issue-specific public campaigns. This work will directly support the leading members of Knesset, policymakers, and activists in the field who are working to impact the public both through legislation and grassroots activism by giving them the tools to make an argument for liberal Judaism.

The Center will address the internal threats to Jewish peoplehood facing Israelis and world Jewry. The founding of this Center is a critical step in advancing the work done over the years by multiple institutions and initiatives. Headquartered in Jerusalem, the Center will unite these kinds of initiatives and activities under one umbrella and serve as a new powerful and leading center for policy research and advocacy.

We are grateful to the Triguboff Institute for their partnership and support of this work.

Opening of the new Center in Jerusalem

The Center will focus in 3 key areas:

  • Applied research on relevant advocacy issues in realm of religion and state, to be led by Center’s staff
  • Advocacy in Knesset and among key policymakers
  • Issue-specific PR campaigns that promote a liberal position on an issue related to religion and state

For More Information

For more information contact Tani Frank, Director of the Center for Judaism and State Policy