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  1. Preamble
    • The privacy of the visitors to our site is very important to us and we are committed to protecting this. This policy explains what we do with your personal details. If you have any question about the process of protecting your privacy, please contact us at: [email protected]
    • Your consent to use our cookies according to the terms of this policy during your first visit to our site, enables us to use cookies every time you visit the site.
  2. Collecting Personal Data

It is possible that the following types of personal data will be collected, stored and made use of:

  • Information about your device, including your IP address, your geographical location, type and version of browser, and your operating system;
  • Information on your visits and uses to the site, including source of referral, length of visit, views of pages, and your customer journey map on the site;
  • Your email address that you inserted while registering to our site;
  • Information that you inserted on our site;
  • Your name and email address that you inserted to subscribe to our email messages and/or distribution list and/or our newsletter;
  • The information that you inserted while using the services on our site;
  • Data that was created while using our site, including when, how many times and under which circumstances you used it;
  • Data connected to the services that you use, including your name, address, telephone number and email address;
  • Data that you publish on our site, with the intention of publicizing on the Internet;
  • Data included in messages you send us by email or via our site, including the content and meta-data of the messages;
  • Any other type of personal data that you send us.

Before exposing the personal data of another person, you must obtain this person’s consent, also for sharing and for processing that personal data, according to this policy.

  1. Use of Your Personal Data
    • The personal data you provided us with through our site will be used for the purposes stated in this policy, or on the relevant pages of the site. It is possible that we will use your personal data for the following purposes:
      • Management of our site and company;
      • Personal adaptation of our site to your needs;
      • Enabling you to use the available services on our site;
      • Sending you commercial non-marketing messages;
      • Sending your email warnings that you specifically requested;
      • Sending you our newsletter by email, if you requested to receive it (you can unsubscribe to the newsletter at any time);
      • Sending marketing messages connected to our company and third party businesses, carefully chosen by us if we feel they might interest you, by mail, or if you specifically agreed to this, by email or via similar technological means (you can notify us at any time if you are not interested in receiving marketing messages);
      • Providing statistical data regarding our users to third parties (but this third party cannot identify any single user by this data);
      • Dealing with inquiries and complaints that you submitted or that relate to you and are connected to our site;
      • Keeping our site protected and preventing fraud;
      • Verifying consent to the terms of service which dictate the method of use of our site (including monitoring private messages sent through the site’s private messages service);
      • Other uses.
    • If you provide us with personal data for publicizing on our site, we will publicize the data and use it in other ways, according to the license you supply us.
    • We can use your privacy definitions to limit the publication of your data on our site and these can be changed through your privacy settings on the site.
    • We will not give your personal details to any third party for the purpose of its direct marketing by that third party for services unrelated to us without your consent.
  2. Exposing Personal Details
    • We might provide your details to any of our employees, directors, insurers, professional consultants, agents, suppliers, or subcontractors, if considered reasonable and required for the abovementioned purposes of this policy.
    • We might provide your personal details:
      • According to what is required of us by law;
      • In regard to any existing or future legal procedure;
      • In order to build a foundation, operate or protect our legal rights (including providing data to others for the purpose of protecting fraud);
      • To the buyer (or any potential buyer) of a business, or property that we are purchasing (or considering to purchase);
      • To any person whom we reasonably believe might turn to the court or any other official authority for the purpose of providing your personal details, in which we reasonably believe that that court or official authority will instruct us to provide these personal details;
    • Excluding that stated in this policy, we will not provide your personal details to any third party.
    • In the case that you would like to receive more information on this matter, please contact us according to the details below.
  3. Transfer of International Data
    • It is possible that the data we collect will be stored, processed and transferred between each of the countries in which we operate, to enable us to use the data according to this policy.
    • It is possible that the data that we collect will be transferred to the following countries, which do not have data protection laws that correspond to those existing in the European economic region.
    • The personal details that you publish on our site or provide for publication on our site might be available via the Internet anywhere in the world. We cannot prevent the use or abuse of this data by others. Even so, we abide by the legal protections that are connected to the transfer of data and apply the protections stated in this policy. We do our best to protect your data and your privacy.
    • You hereby express your consent to transfer your personal details as described in this clause.
    • If you are interested in receiving additional information, please contact us according to the details below.
  4. Protecting Your Personal Details
    • This clause details the process and policy of protecting your details, which are planned to ensure that we are abiding by our legal obligations pertaining to the protection and deletion of personal details.
    • Personal details that we process for any cause(s) will not be saved for more than needed for these purpose(s).
    • We will save documents (including digital documents) that contain personal data:
      • As we are required to do by law;
      • If we believe that that document might be relevant to any ongoing or potential legal procedure;
      • In order to establish, operate or protect our legal rights (including providing data to others for the purpose of avoiding fraud).
  1. Protecting Your Personal Details
    • We will take extra and reasonable organizational and technical precautions to prevent the loss, abuse of, or changing of your personal details;
    • We will store all the personal details that you provide on secured servers (protected with a password and firewall);
    • You recognize the fact that the transmission of data on the Internet is not secure by virtue of its nature and we cannot ensure that data sent via the Internet is secure;
    • You are responsible for keeping the password that you use to obtain access to our site protected. We will not ask you for your password (excluding when connecting to our site).
  2. Amendments
    • We might update this policy from time to time by publication of a new version on our site. You must check this page periodically to ensure that you understand any change made to this policy. We might notify you by email, or via the private message system on our site, of changes to this policy.
  3. Your Rights
    • You can instruct us to provide you with any of your personal details that we are holding. Provision of these details is subject to the following terms:
      • Provision of appropriate evidence of your identity (photograph of your Israeli identity certificate);
      • We might refuse to provide the personal details that you request up to the level as required by law.
    • You have the right to instruct us at any time not to process your personal details for marketing purposes.
    • You have the right to request information from us on how your personal details were used.
    • You have the right to ask us for access to your personal details that we are holding.
    • You have the right to contact us requesting to amend your personal details that we are holding, even though these are details that you can easily change by yourselves on the site.
    • You have the right, under certain circumstances, to request the deletion or processing of your personal details.
    • You have the right to request that we stop sending marketing messages. This right can be applied also by you on the site.
    • You have the right to withdraw your consent to process data at any given time.
    • You have the right to request the transfer of data we hold, to you or to any other service provider.
    • You have the right to request an explanation on any technological decision that pertains to you.
    • You have the right to contact the Authority for Privacy Protection.
    • Your consent in advance to registering with this site constitutes your consent for us to use your personal details for marketing purposes, or that we provide you with the possibility of choosing to not have your personal details used for marketing purposes, according to the following possibilities:
      • Email – you can click on “remove”;
      • Text message – you can SMS us the word “remove”;
    • Any other method of contact – you can contact us according to the details below. After sending us a message, please make sure that you are not receiving additional messages.
    • Removal from the site can take several days.
    • In any case that you wish to exercise your rights, submit a complaint or ask a question, please contact us. At the first stage, we have 30 days to reply to your inquiry. Our contact details appear in this document.
  4. Links to Sites
    • Our site contains external links and details about third party sites. We have no control over these sites and we are not responsible for the privacy policies and regulations of third parties.
  5. Updating Information
    • You must inform us of any need to amend or update your personal details that we are holding.
  6. Cookies
      • Our site uses cookies. A cookie is a digital file that contains an identifier (a string of letters and numbers), which is sent by the Internet server to a browser and stored in the browser. Then, the identifier is sent back to the server every time that the browser requests the server to display an Internet page. Cookies can be “analytical” or “functional”: an “analytical” cookie will be stored in your browser and will remain valid until its expiry date, unless deleted by the user before the expiry date. Functional cookies, on the other hand, will expire at the end of your current Internet use, when you close the browser. Generally, cookies do not include data that personally identify users, but personal details that we store about you that could be connected to stored data and is retrieved from the cookies.
      • The names of the cookies which we use on our site and their uses are detailed below:
        • This site uses Google Analytics, a Google product that helps site owners understand the method of their clients’ involvement in their site. When they visit this site, your browser automatically sends certain data to Google. This data includes, among others, the page’s IP address as well as your IP address. To opt-out of Google Analytics, please copy and paste “” into your browser and download the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on.

      In addition, the site uses “cookies” when displaying pop-up windows at a certain frequency in favor of promoting the Institute’s brochure or a pop-up window that asks the user to confirm the use of cookies.

      • Most sites allow you to refuse the use of cookies:
        • When using Internet Explorer (Version 10) you can block cookies using definitions to bypass available cookies, by clicking “tools,” “Internet options,” “Privacy,” and “Advanced.”
        • When using Firefox (Version 24) you can block all cookies by clicking “Tools,” “Internet options,” “Privacy,” and choosing “Use custom settings for history” from the opening menu and cancelling the option of “Receive cookies from sites”.
        • When using Chrome (Version 29) you can block all cookies by going to “Personal customization and control,” clicking “settings,” “Display advanced settings,” and finally choose the option “Block sites from defining data” in the “cookies” section.
      • Please note that blocking all cookies will negatively affect your use of many sites. If you block cookies, you will not have access to all the features of our site.
      • You can erase cookies that have already been stored on your device:
        • When using Internet Explorer (Version 11) you must manually erase cookies (you can find instructions for this at:;
        • When using Firefox (Version 91) you can erase cookies by clicking “Firefox,” “Preferences,” and “Privacy & Security”, choosing “Cookies and Site Data” and clicking “Clear Data”;

      When using Chrome (Version 96) you can erase all cookies by going the top right, click More Settings. Under “Privacy and security,” click “Cookies and other site data”. Click “See all cookies and site data > Remove all”. Confirm by clicking “Clear all”.

      • Deleting cookies will negatively affect your browsing convenience on many sites.
  1. How to Contact Us

We are always happy to hear from our clients. Do not hesitate to contact us with your contact details and we will happily answer any questions or clarification.

If, at any time, you are concerned that your privacy has been violated, you can contact our privacy team by email at: [email protected], customer service at the following link:, or write to us at: 11 Gedalyahu Alon Street, POB 8029, Jerusalem 9108001, Israel (Attn: Yoav Friedman) or 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 1450, New York, NY 10015 (Attn: Dorit Rabbani).


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