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A member of the teaching staff at the Shalom Hartman Institute, Moshe Meir teaches modern Jewish thought at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and leads a number of secular Jewish study groups. Moshe has published numerous articles on Jewish thought, as well as three collections of poems.
He is director of the Kolot Beit Midrash and leads a workshop for Writing in Jewish Thought at the Van Leer Institute. His book, My Father, My Father was published by Toby Press, which will also soon publish his second book, Together – A New Religious Secular Philosophy.
He previously served as the educational director of Kolot Pluralistic Beit Midrash and holds a PhD in philosophy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Moshe writes a popular weekly Torah commentary that is published on the Institute’s Hebrew website.
Find articles by Moshe Meir on the Shalom Hartman Institute website.

Moshe Meir


Dec 22, 2009

Should Jewish Studies strive to affect public discourse or should it focus only on research? Do the high standards that must be met for good research stifle philosophical creativity? And is it possible that scientific discourse is itself, this fact being the source of its power?

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