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Articles about MLI

You don’t have to be Muslim to be scared of Trump’s Anti-Muslim Bigotry by Yair Rosenberg, Washington Post (Nov 2018)

Telling Truths Yossi Klein Halevi on Unorthodox Podcast (May 2018)

Jews and Muslims in America, conference held by the Shalom Hartman Institute. Closing session, a conversation with Jeffrey Goldberg and Abdullah Antepli (Jan 2017)

How a Duke Imam Became a Lightning Rod in the Campus Israel Wars Chronicle of Higher Education (Jan 2016)

The Partnership: How a Bold Imam and His Skeptical Israeli Host Bridged the Muslim-Jewish Chasm Times of Israel (Sept 2015)

Articles by MLI Alumni

Muslims must fight anti-Semitism by Turan Kayaoglu, Pittsburgh Post Gazette (Nov 2018)

Happy Birthday, Muhammad. The prophet was an outsider. Just like me. by Haroon Moghul, The New York Times (Nov 2018)

Canadian Jewish Leaders Worry Pittsburgh Massacre Could Happen Here by Steven Zhou, Vice News (Oct 2018)

Muslims Must Do More Than Grand Gestures To Eradicate Anti-Semitism by Amanda Quraishi, The Forward (Oct 2018)

A Muslim Among Settlers and I Talked to Zionists then I was Disinvited by a Major Muslim Organization, articles by Wajahat Ali, The Atlantic (May 2018)

Want to combat hate? Stop the hazing of Ilhan Omar and start listening. by Wajahat Ali and Rabia Chaudry, The Washington Post (March 2018)

I Spent the Shabbat After Trump’s Election With Muslim Leaders from Across America by Yair Rosenberg, which included Muslim Voices After Trump, a series that featured short essays by several MLI alumni, including Amanda Qurashi’s How I Became an Accidental Interfaith Activist—and Learned to Love Disagreement, Tablet Magazine (Nov 2016)

Forging New Muslim-Jewish Engagement: Reflections on MLI, by Maggie Siddiqi, Patheos (Jan 2015)

Why I Went To Israel, by Haroon Moghul, Huffington Post (Jan 2015)

What a Muslim American Learned from Zionists by Rabia Chaudry, Time Magazine (June 2014)

Critiques of MLI

An Interfaith Trojan Horse: Faithwashing Apartheid and Occupation by Sana Saeed, Islamic Monthly (July 2014)

Islamophobia Bankroller Behind Organizer of Israel Junket for US “Muslim Leaders,” by Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada (Jan 2015)

Two Americas, Two Islams: A Geopolitical Tug-of-War by Abbas Barzegar, Muftah (July 2018)

What’s Muslim about the Muslim Leadership Initiative by Hafsa Kanjwal, Muftah (July 2018)

Podcasts and Videos

How Muslim-Jewish Dialogue Changes the World, Maital Friedman, Samar Kaukab, Nabila Mansoor, and Rabbi Adam Kligfeld, recorded at SXSW (March 2018)

Holy Envy, Imam Abdullah Antepli and Rabbi Sarah Bassin, On Being (February 2018)

On Faith and Friendship in an Age of Extremism, Yehuda Kurtzer and Samar Kaukab at 9/11 Memorial and Museum (April 2017)

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