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MLI Fellowship Program

MLI Participants

The program attracts emerging religious and intellectual Muslim leaders including clergy, chaplains, journalists, academics, entrepreneurs, and cultural figures.

The Fellowship Program

Conducted over the course of a 13-month period, the curriculum comprises an orientation session, two 12-day seminars held in Jerusalem during consecutive years, two retreats in North America, and monthly distance learning sessions.

The MLI curricula, entitled, Encountering Israel: Foundations of Peoplehood and Faith and Dilemmas of Power, are the same academic programs provided by the Hartman Institute to rabbis, Jewish community leaders, and Christian leaders.

The study program explores different aspects of Judaism and Jewish life through classical and contemporary sources that demonstrate how Judaism relates to peoplehood and land. In addition, it provides an in-depth examination of the impact on the identity of both Jews and Palestinians through the lens of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Participants travel to various cities in the West Bank, as well as to northern Israeli Arab communities, where they interact with Muslim religious leaders, educators, students, and activists.

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