Jewish-Christian Relations Are Suffering

Privileging allyship over understanding injects an unhealthy amount of partisan political strategy into interfaith encounters.

“This past week the legislative committee of the Episcopal Church met via Zoom as part of their 80th General Convention. There were 196 resolutions in total; eight were oriented, in one way or another, toward criticism of Israeli policy with regard to the Palestinians. Three were about “apartheid,” variously titled “confronting apartheid,” “recognizing apartheid,” or “opposing apartheid.” A separate resolution was advanced to criticize Christian Zionism. There were more resolutions expressing concern that these forms of pro-Palestinian activism would be misinterpreted as antisemitism than there were actual resolutions dealing with antisemitism in the church.

At the request of a senior Episcopal colleague, I came as a guest to the conference to offer “testimony” to the committee against one of the apartheid resolutions.”

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