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From Yizkor to Seder: New Rituals for Yom Hashoah

Michal Govrin shares the methodology and meaning behind the creation of Hitkansut, a new ritual for Holocaust commemoration
Michal Govrin is the Content Developer for the Yom HaShoah Hitkansut and research fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem. She is also a writer and a Professor at Tel Aviv University. At The Van Leer Institute, she founded an inter-disciplinary research group that created the Hitkansut L’Yom HaShoah. Michal is a graduate of Tel Aviv University and has a doctorate in contemporary sacred theater from the University of Paris. She has published twelve

Remembering and memorializing the Holocaust becomes more challenging as fewer survivors are able to tell their personal stories. Michal Govrin, co-creator of the Hitkansut ceremony, shares the methodology and meaning behind the creation of new rituals for Holocaust commemoration.

This program was part of Meaning + Milestones: Spring Days of Learning, two days of global learning, ritual, and commemoration that reimagine and reflect on Yom HaShoah and celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut, both days of meaning and milestones in North America and Israel.

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