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Raising our Voices in Protest & Solidarity

A Tishrei Teach-In with learning and discussion on the urgent questions facing Israeli democracy and society.
Sep 20, 2023


Sep 20, 2023
09:00 am - 10:00 PM ET
08:00 am - 09:00 pm CT
07:00 am - 08:00 pm MT
06:00 am - 07:00 pm PT
04:00 pm - 05:00 am ISRAEL
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As Israelis struggle to uphold a Jewish democratic state, join Hartman scholars and a community of learners on Wednesday, September 20 for a Tishrei Teach-In, a full day of learning and discussion during this reflective season of the High Holidays.

Step into the Hartman virtual beit midrash and join more than a dozen faculty and fellows of the Institute’s Kogod Research Center in Israel and North America as we grapple with the urgent questions facing Israeli democracy and Israeli society right now.

Join the conversation. Bring your questions. Raise your voices. 


45 minute sessions will begin at 9:00 am ET and continue on the hour through 11:00 pm ET. Join us for one session or stay for the day as we study together at this critical moment in Jewish history.

  • 9 am ET/ 6 am PT/ 4 pm IL  YEHUDA KURTZER On Screaming – and Other Radical Ways of Showing Up
  • 10 am ET/ 7 am PT/ 5 pm IL  MEIRAV JONES  The Political Theology of Adnut and the Attack on Israeli Democracy
  • 11 am ET/ 8 am PT/ 6 pm IL  SHLOMO ZUCKIER Rav Yehuda Amital and the Sanctification and Desecration of God’s Name
  • noon ET/ 9 am PT/ 7 pm IL  MASUA SAGIV The Day After: Navigating the Future of Israel’s Protest Movement 
  • 1 pm ET/ 10 am PT/ 8 pm IL  SHOSHANA COHEN Love and Critique, Solidarity and Protest – Reimagining Jewish Peoplehood in a Time of Crisis  
  • 2 pm ET/ 11 am PT/ 9 pm IL  LEVI MORROW Neither Judge nor Judged: The Crown, the Court, and the Bavli’s Constitutional Moment
  • 3 pm ET/ noon PT/ 10 pm IL  RACHEL SLUTSKY Mistabrah: Reasonableness in Rabbinic Judaism and Modern Contexts
  • 4 pm ET/ 1 pm PT/ 11 pm IL  JOSHUA LADON Judging Ourselves Like Independent Jurists: Cultivating Democratic Character and Society in Rav Amiel and Rav Amital
  • 5 pm ET/ 2 pm PT/ 12 am IL  RIVKA PRESS SCHWARTZ “If the Master Resembles an Angel of the Lord of Hosts, Seek Torah from His Mouth”: Learning from Problematic People 
  • 6 pm ET/ 3 pm PT/ 1 am IL  BENJAMIN SOMMER Separation of Powers in the Book of Deuteronomy
  • 7 pm ET/ 4 pm PT/ 2 am IL  JAMES LOEFFLER Who Judges the Judges? Human Rights and Law in Israel/Palestine
  • 8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT/ 3 am IL  DAVID ELLENSON Israeli Democracy and its System of Checks and Balances: Analyzing Two Supreme Court Opinions  
  • 9 pm ET/ 6 pm PT/ 4 am IL  JONATHAN GOLDEN To Speak or Not to Speak: Do American Jews Have the Right and/or Obligation to Speak about Civic Issues in Israel?
  • 10 pm ET/ 7 pm PT/ 5 am IL  ELANA STEIN HAIN Religious Zionist Theories of Democracy 
  • 11 pm ET/ 8 pm PT/ 6 am IL  SARA LABATON Protest and Communal Confession: Using Sephardic Viduy as a Model for Social Reckoning

This program is part of Ideas for Today, curated courses by Hartman Institute scholars on the big Jewish ideas we need to think better and do better.

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