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Video of ‘Planting Social Justice’ Conference Online Soon

Videos from the conference will be posted online soon

The Shalom Hartman Institute "Planting Social Justice, Uprooting Social Gaps" Conference on Feb. 8, 2012, has ended. Video clips of some sessions will be posted online soon.
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The social justice demonstrations that electrified Israel during the summer of 2011 emphatically demonstrated that the values which served as the foundation of Jewish communities for centuries are alive in the contemporary Israeli consciousness. Although slogans calling for a just society recalled traditional Jewish language, no formal connection to Judaism and its noble values of justice, charity, loving-kindness, and community were overt.
The Shalom Hartman Institute is dedicating its Second Annual Tu B’Shvat Conference Planting Social Justice Uprooting Social Gaps to an in-depth discussion on questions about Jewish values and their impact on Israeli social justice and culture.

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