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Use and abuse of authority

Sources on use and abuse of authority, from a lecture by David Hartman


"If a case is too baffling for you…:" Deuteronomy 17:8-13

The laws of the rebellious elder: Mishnah Sanhedrin 11:2

Do as they say, even if they err: Nachmanides – Commentary on Deuteronomy 17:11

Differing from the words of the sages: Sefer haHinuch – Sefer Shoftim 496

Only listen if the right is right: PT Horayot 1:1

Majority decisions: Seder Nezikin Vol. 3 Eduyot Ch.1 Mishnah 4-5

One is exempt if one relies on the Beit Din: Seder NezikinVol. 4 Horayot Ch. 1, mishnah 1.

From a lecture by David Hartman, compiled and edited by Laura Major

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