Book of Ruth: Between Acceptance and Alienation

Orit Avnery discusses the human aspects of the Book of Ruth

Orit Avnery explores the question of whether Ruth ever succeeded in being accepted into Israeli society.

Through her use of literary analysis of the Book of Ruth, Avnery examines the treatment of both foreigners and women in ancient Israelite society and asks what it can teach us about how we respond to “otherness” in our world today.

She delves into two separate readings of the megillah, one that suggests acceptance of Ruth and one that suggests alienation. These two readings unveil the nuance and depth of this traditional story and reveal ideas emerging from the narrative that are relevant to today.

Please note that this lecture is most appropriate for students with a basic facility of Hebrew and prior familiarity with the Book of Ruth.

Recorded June 3, 2019 in Jerusalem