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Shalom Hartman Institute Launches iEngage Website

The iEngage multimedia resource center will make an ever-growing corpus of Engaging Israel materials available to the public

The Shalom Hartman Institute, a center of transformative thinking and teaching that addresses the major challenges facing the Jewish people, has today launched the iEngage Website – a resource center for the Institute’s Engaging Israel project. This Web-based multimedia center will serve as a central channel for the distribution of an ever-growing corpus of Engaging Israel materials such as essays, adult education curricula, video lectures, text and sourcebooks, and short video clips produced by the Institute’s bi-continental Engaging Israel team .
The goal of the Engaging Israel Project, launched in 2010, is to create a new narrative regarding the significance of Israel for World Jewry, transcending political divides and replacing a crisis-based approach with an exploration of Jewish values and ideas as applied to the challenge of sovereignty. Since the inception of the Project, dozens of blog posts and articles written by members of the Engaging Israel team have drawn widespread interest from diverse supporters of Israel who find themselves increasingly concerned about the future of their relationship with Israel. Alongside an Engaging Israel video lecture series being launched in synagogues across North America this fall, the Shalom Hartman Institute is forging partnerships with numerous organizations to bring the Engaging Israel material to Jewish professionals, educators, lay leaders, and others seeking an enriched and more nuanced relationship with the Jewish State.
In order to broaden the reach of the Engaging Israel approach and respond to increasing interest in new content from the Engaging Israel Project, the Institute launched the iEngage site, which will showcase the latest news and commentary of the Engaging Israel team – located in Israel and North America – as well as reflections on how current events in Israel and around the world might be perceived through a Jewish-values lens.
"In a world of choice, people will decide to relate to Israel only to the extent that Israel is substantively connected with the vitality, meaning, and purpose of their Jewish lives," explains Rabbi Julia Andelman, Director of the Engaging Israel Project. "The Shalom Hartman Institute’s Engaging Israel Project has initiated a conversation that asks each individual what Israel means to him or her Jewishly and invites them to participate in envisioning a state whose policies are shaped by Jewish values and ideals. This new resource center will enable us to disseminate the findings of our research to the widest possible audience."

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