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‘Peoplehood and Its Role and Significance in Jewish Life,’ Now Available

New DVD set delves into the complex origins of Jewish Peoplehood and how it may be sustained

The newest addition to the Shalom Hartman Institute video lecture series.
"Peoplehood and Its Role and Significance in Jewish Life," the newest Shalom Hartman Institute video lecture series, is now available for purchase.
In this new series, senior Hartman Institute faculty members delve into the idea of Jewish Peoplehood – its complex origins, its implications and how it might be sustained. An issue of wide concern in the Jewish community today, the concept of a “Jewish collective” appears at odds with a contemporary ethos of intense individualism.
This video lecture series presents a broad and deep analysis of some of the tensions that Peoplehood raises in classical Jewish tradition and contemporary Jewish thought and life. The nine lectures are:

  • The Meaning and Significance of Peoplehood in Jewish Life: SHI President Rabbi Dr. Donniel Hartman
  • Genesis and Exodus: Two Models of Jewish Peoplehood: SHI President Rabbi Dr. Donniel Hartman
  • The Emergence of Jewish Peoplehood from the Biblical Perspective:Senior SHI Fellow Prof. Israel Knohl
  • Prioritizing Peoplehood:  A Reading of the Book of Jonah: Senior SHI Fellow Dr. Micah Goodman
  • The Individual and the Collective: SHI-North America President Dr. Yehuda Kurtzer 
  • The Poetics of Peoplehood – Presented by Senior SHI Fellow Dr. Melila Hellner-Eshed
  • Peoplehood and the Centrality of Place– Presented by SHI-NA President Dr. Yehuda Kurtzer 
  • Jewish Peoplehood and the Possibilities of Modernity: Mordechai Kaplan and Martin Buber – Presented by Vice President Shalom Hartman Institute of North America and Director of Rabbinic Leadership Programs Rabbi Dr. Rachel Shabat Beit-Halachmi
  • Core Principles of Jewish Peoplehood – Presented by SHI President Rabbi Dr. Donniel Hartman
The Lecture Series and accompanying curricular study materials are designed to be used by a rabbi or educator with a group of lay leaders in a weekly or monthly study program. The rabbi/educator serves as the lead teacher, utilizing the materials and lectures as best suited for his/her community, preparing the participants for the lecture by studying the texts and reading the supplementary materials in advance, either in a separate session, or in a shorter 45-minute preparatory session.
The Peoplehood Video Lecture Series includes:
  • Nine curricular units containing video lectures on DVD and USB
  • Source Book: Including all texts referenced in the lectures, plus additional supplementary sources and recommended background readings. The package includes one book for the leader; additional books for participants may be purchased for $20 each including shipping.
  • Leader’s Guide: Lecture summaries, suggested questions for guiding hevruta study and group discussion, supplementary source descriptions, and advice on structuring and teaching the course.
Price: $1,200 including shipping. Please fill out the form below to order the series.
This series follows on from three other series that are now in use by scores of rabbis and educators throughout North America. Click here for more information about our other DVD series.

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