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New Tarbut Yisrael Resource Center to Launch in 2012

The Be`eri program is partnering with the Posen Foundation and the Israel Center for Educational Technology to launch a Jewish culture website.

The Be’eri program is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the Posen Foundation and the Israel Center for Educational Technology to launch a Jewish culture website that will serve as a resource center for educational materials that focus on strengthening pluralistic Jewish-Israeli culture studies in the Israeli public realm. Initially, the site will be aimed at providing educational tools and content, including Be’eri textbooks, to Jewish heritage educators. Once the site has been fully developed, it will be a platform for teachers, students, and the general public to obtain materials that can advance their discussions on and study of Jewish-Israeli identity.

The content of the site will be built around a cluster of subjects related to identity focusing on the individual’s relationship to society, to time, and to space. These subjects will be addressed through a variety of resources, including interactive documents on Jewish thought, Oral Law, and Jewish culture, which link to related texts and primary sources; an anthology of primary sources accompanied by enhancement tools that contextualize the texts in time, space, and ideology; and a searchable database of audio visual information.
The Tarbut Yisrael website will also feature interactive components, allowing teachers and students to network, sharing ideas, questions, and insights. A special forum for educators will allow teachers to upload and share materials that they have created for use in their classrooms and schools. A virtual Beit Midrash will serve as a platform for joint learning and discussion. Experts will be invited to write blogs on selected topics and the public will be invited to address questions to them via an Ask the Expert section.

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