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New, returning programs in busy Hartman Institute summer (Video)

Shalom Hartman Institute is gearing up for a busy summer, with programs for rabbis, community leaders, Christians, philosophers from mid-June through July



As in previous years, Shalom Hartman Institute is gearing up for a busy summer, with both new and old programs, a visit by the Institute’s Board of Directors , and the biannual Philosophy Conference. Of course, yearlong programs, such as the Lev Aharon army program, will continue to run throughout the summer.

One of the first programs to arrive this summer – from June 15-22 – is the Angelicum Interfaith Fellows program, a new initiative that includes priests and members of the laity studying at Pontifical University of Rome. This particular Berrie Fellows program is dedicated to building bridges among Catholic, Jewish, and other religious traditions by providing the next generation of religious leaders with a comprehensive understanding of interfaith issues.
Each day of the program includes a learning session, comprised of havruta study and a lecture by a leading Hartman scholar, and a tour. The learning sessions will include such topics as: "Serving God through Mitzvah," "Serving God through Talmud Torah," and "Serving God through Prayer."
Two walking tours in Jerusalem are scheduled to include stops at ancient landmarks such as the Mount of Olives, Dominus Flevit church, Gethsemane, Mary’s Tomb, Mount Zion, Tomb of King David, Last Supper Room and Church of Saint Peter. The Muslim and Christian Quarters of the Old City will be explored, as will modern Israeli sites. The scholars also are scheduled to venture out of Jerusalem and visit the Dead Sea area, including Masada and Qumran, and holy sites in Israel’s North, including Tiberias, Capernaum, Tzippori and, of course, Nazareth. Bethlehem is the site of the trips’ final day.
The fellows will experience Shabbat prayers at the Western Wall and Mass at the Church of Beatitudes. Many of the days will be summed up in a reflections session with Hartman scholars and group leaders.
Following the Angelicum Program is the Philosophy Conference, which, from June 28 – July 1, will examine the topic of "Public and Private Spaces." The Robert P. Kogod Annual Lecture will take place during this conference and will examine: "The Role of Religion in the Public Space: Israeli and American Perspectives, featuring William Galston and Ruth Gavison." Hartman Institute’s annual Board meetings will also take place during this last week of June.
At the beginning of July, the annual Lay Leaders retreat will convene, focusing on this year’s theme, "Crisis and Uncertainty: Paradigms of Response." The participants will be exposed to a variety of textual responses to crisis: from midrashic, Zoharic, and Hasidic, to poetic and literary. Study sessions, examining topics as diverse as “Jews and Money” and “How Do We Respond to People in Pain,” excursions and evening programs, make this year’s lineup especially attractive to its 75 participants.
Registration is still open for the Lay Leaders program, and there are still slots available for those making a last-minute decision.
From July 6-16, 95 Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar participants will grapple with this year’s theme, shared also by the Lay Leaders: Crisis and Uncertainty: Paradigms of Response. In addition to choosing from a wide range of fascinating electives, the rabbis will participate in havruta study on the topic, walking tours, and will be exposed to an interesting mix of guest speakers and evening programs, including a theater production at the Cameri theater.
The program aims to provide food for thought, inspiration and textual tools for dealing with crisis and uncertainty. One of the program’s highlights is sure to be an evening with David Hartman honoring those rabbis who have been participating in RTS for 10 years.
Registration is still open for the Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar program, and there are still slots available for those making a last-minute decision.
Overlapping with the RTS program is Rabbinic Leadership Initiative – the third summer study program of this cohort of RLI Fellows. As in previous years, peer teaching plays an important role in their program, enabling the rabbis to improve and practice their pedagogical skills.
This summer’s topic “Pluralism and Diversity and their Limits” lends itself to much thought provoking and fruitful study and discussion. On the program’s final day, the rabbis will study, eat and converse with the 13 Christian Leadership Initiative  participants.
For the first time, from July 9-15, the Hartman Institute will be hosting the Birthright Israel NEXT retreat program, which aims to deepen the message of the Birthright program. The retreat will focus on "Israel and Its Impact on Jewish Identity."
One of the highlights of this program is a long weekend in Tel Aviv, which includes visits to the Palmach Museum, the outdoor fair of Nachalat Binayamin, and the new harbor. Kabbalat Shabbat prayers will be held at Beit Tefilah Yisraelit, while on Shabbat morning, each participant will pray at a synagogue of his/her denominational choosing.
Toward the end of July, the summer season at Hartman closes, as the Institute starts gearing up for the coming academic year.

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