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Modern Israel and the Challenges of a Jewish-Democratic State

Video of public lecture from 25th International Theology Conference, held Feb. 26-29, 2012


This video is of the 2012 Edward Bronfman Family Foundation Annual Lecture on Religious Pluralism, the only public event at the Hartman Institute’s annual Osher Department International Theology Conference. The program was delivered February 28, 2012. Speakers were Rabbi Dr. Donniel Hartman, President, Shalom Hartman Institute, Prof. Annabel Herzog, School of Political Science, University of Haifa, and Prof. Michael Karayanni of the Faculty of Law at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The moderator was Prof. Daniel Statman of Haifa University.

The International Theology Conference takes place every winter at the Institute’s Jerusalem campus, and attracts 70 theologians from dozens of countries. The four-day program comprises lectures, roundtable discussions and small-group study sessions.

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