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Models of the ideal Jew in Kabbala

Textual sources on Models of the ideal Jew in Kabbala - Art Green

Art Green 

– The Ten Sefirot: Arthur Green, A Guide to the Zohar, pp 3-8, 28-59 

– The purpose of man: Sefer Avodat HaKodesh, ch. 6,7,15,16 in Helek Haavodah;   

– The talmid hakham, the tsaddik and the hasid: Gershom Scholem, Three Types of Piety, pp 5-23 

– Sacred space and sacred people: Arthur Green, The Zaddiq as Axis Mundi in Later Judaism, pp 327-347 

– The zaddik as priest, king, prophet, rabbi: Arthur Green, Typologies of Leadership and the Hassidic Zaddiq, pp 127-156 

– The Hasid, the mentsh: Arthur Green, How to be a Mentsch in The Third Jewish Catalog, pp 390-394 

Keywords: kabbalah, hasid, tsaddik, sefirot, ethics 

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