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Middle school student in national geography contest

Ariel Abramovitz will soon be participating in the nationwide geography competition


Charles E. Smith High School for Boys eighth grader Ariel Abramovitz has been preparing for Israel’s national geography quiz championships since second grade. This hard work has obviously paid off, as he placed fifth in a recent regional geography competition and will participate in the national contest.
Ariel has always loved geography, and has pored over atlases for many years. Yet the tests were challenging, with several stages and tasks. The questions demanded an in-depth knowledge of national topography and urban planning. Ariel succeeded, together with 14 other contestants, in getting through the written exam, with a score of 94 – and passing into the oral tests before spectators. 
Having placed fifth in the regional test, Ariel will soon be participating in the nationwide competition, also comprising various stages. Parts of the competition will appear on television; three winners will participate in the final. Ariel is now focusing his energy on studying for this next stage.

Read an interview (in Hebrew) with Ariel, conducted by the editor of the Hartman middle school newspaper, Droshem, here.

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