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Israel’s war on Hamas: Special commentary on the war’s justification, consequences and impact

Read these special articles and view the special videos we have prepared for you with the goal of answering questions, or more likely, prompting new ones


Shalom Hartman Institute has prepared a special set of material for you regarding Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza. Is the war "just"? Is the war being fought in a just fashion? What historical and even biblical forces are at play here?
Read these special articles and view the special videos we have prepared for you with the goal of answering these questions, or more likely, prompting new ones. Feel free to comment on these articles or blog entries and to write to us directly.
Leading off our special section on the War on Hamas is a special essay Donniel Hartman has written exclusively for the Hartman Institute website:  Fighting a just war against Hamas justly
This penetrating essay by Donniel thoroughly and carefully explains the morality behind Israel’s decision to go to war against Hamas, the moral issues raised in the field of combat, and how the Israeli Army and people are in fact strengthened by exploring these issues even in the heat of battle.
Read this small part of the essay to get a sense of the powerful argument Donniel is making:  
"…our strength as a country and the fortitude of our army and soldiers are grounded in a significant way on our moral fiber and our soldiers’ recognition that they are part of a just cause and a just army. When we and they speak of fighting for our home, the home we speak of is not simply a physical one, but a spiritual and moral one, in which certain ideas and values reign strong and free….
"Embarking on such an operation was morally justifiable – if not obligatory – a long time ago…"
Here is even more on the subject of Israel, war, and morality from the Hartman Institute.


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