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Hevruta Program Receives In-Depth Media Coverage

Jewish news service describes program that ‘forges Israeli-American bonds’ among high school graduates

‘Bridging the Gap Year: Hevruta Program forges Israeli-American Bonds’

Eighteen-year-olds have a habit of forming close, family-like relationships with each other. It’s rare, however, that Israeli and American teenagers living thousands of miles apart have the chance to create such bonds. But this year, 25 teens have been doing just that as part of a first-of-its-kind program.

Watching the participants of the new Hevruta program for the so-called “gap year” between high school and college, it’s hard to imagine that these young adults didn’t always know each other, much less laugh at each other’s jokes. In reality, they grew up with languages, mores, and cultures that were quite literally a world apart. Yet with Hevruta’s new wrinkle in the familiar gap-year concept, they spend the year learning and growing together in Israel – and breaking down those barriers.

Further, if the initiators of the Hevruta program fulfill their mission, will be just the first generation to be prepared to step into Jewish leadership roles better equipped to bridge the gap between their Israeli and American worlds.

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