Heretic in the House: Telling the Tale

Why do people with no connection to Orthodox Judaism find stories about Orthodoxy so interesting?

Heretic in the House takes us on a deeply moving journey with believers and heretics to uncover their hidden stories.

Episode 1: Telling the Tale

One of the deep ironies of leaving Orthodox Judaism is that people ask you to tell the story of your exit over and over again. Some people who left even make their living telling that story. Why do people who have no connection to Orthodox Judaism find these stories so interesting, and why does telling the story feel false even when it’s completely true? 

Other episodes in this series:

  • Episode 2: Shunning
  • Episode 3: Poor Soul
  • Episode 4:  You’re So Brave

Heretic in the House is a limited podcast series from the Shalom Hartman Institute.

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