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Havruta Archive, No. 3: The Spiritual Quest: Myth, Mysticism and Meaning

Havruta Archive - No. 3 - The Spiritual Quest: Myth, Mysticism and Meaning

HAVRUTA No. 3 / Spring 2009

The Spiritual Quest: Myth, Mysticism and Meaning


Letter to our Readers , by Stuart Schoffman
Jewish Spirituality in America: Listening to a Different Drummer: A Symposium
Beyond Maimonides: The Search for God in Postmodern America by Alfredo Borodowski
A Song for Many Voices: The Soul of Secular Israel by Rani Jaeger
Mystical Vistas: The Intriguing World of Moshe Idel: An Interview
Moshe Idel: An Appreciation by Ron Margolin
‘Of What Use is a Candle in Broad Daylight?’: The Reinvention of a Myth by Melila Hellner-Eshed
Distant Signs and Ancient Wonders: Hasidic Faith in the Poetry of Zelda, by Zvi Mark
Afikoman: Old Texts for New Times: "Arise and Give Light": A Spiritual Manifesto of Classical Reform, by Laura Major

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