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Hartman Institute Launches “Dorsheni,” New Hebrew Journal of Ideas

The Shalom Hartman Institute this spring launched a Hebrew journal of thought, “Dorsheni,” the commentators’ allusion to difficult matters that cry, “Probe me.”

The Shalom Hartman Institute has launched a Hebrew journal of thought, Dorsheni, the commentators’ allusion to difficult matters that cry "probe me."

Click on this photo to see a full-sized image of the cover of Dorsheni V. 1 from Shalom Hartman Institute 
Dorsheni is set to appear every spring and fall, and will introduce the works of the Hartman Institute’s lecturers, fellows, alumni, and guests to the broad, educated Israeli public.
The inaugural issue included, among others, essays by David Hartman, Donniel Hartman, Avi Sagi, and Yair Eldan. The issues covered included the place of the Holocaust in the Israeli national narrative, the global meltdown and Judaism, the Jewish institution of the social boycott, and prewar Tel Aviv’s interpretation of Purim.
Dorsheni is edited by veteran Jerusalem Post commentator and former Executive Editor Amotz Asa-El . For more information on Dorsheni, click here.

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