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Hartman Institute creates new program for Angelicum Pontifical University of Rome

Shalom Hartman Institute is launching a new initiative for upcoming religious leaders in June 2009, in partnership with the Russell Berrie Fellowship Program at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum), one of Rome`s major pontifical universities
Adam Afterman is a Research Fellow of the Kogod Research Center at the Shalom Hartman Institute and the chair of the Department of Jewish Philosophy and Talmud at Tel Aviv University. Professor Afterman’s main fields of research are medieval Jewish philosophy, kabbalah, and Jewish mysticism. His most recent book, And They Shall Be One Flesh: On the Language of Mystical Union in Judaism


Shalom Hartman Institute is launching an exciting new initiative for religious leaders in June 2009, in partnership with the Russell Berrie Fellowship Program at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum), one of Rome’s major pontifical universities.
The program includes a 10-day visit to Israel, providing participants with a unique opportunity to see the Holy Land up close. Interspersed with meaningful site visits, the program includes daily study sessions at the Hartman Institute, lectures by leading faculty, and academic explorations of Jewish texts, utilizing the Hartman Institute’s expert teachers and its unique peer-group study method.
The Russell Berrie Fellows also have the opportunity to meet and dialogue with leading Hartman Institute scholars on matters of mutual interest.
Upon completing their studies, the Fellows will return to their parishes and communities to lead others in efforts to promote inter-faith understanding.
The new Angelicum program is one of the Hartman Institute’s three major interfaith programs. The International Theology Conference annually brings together more than 50 leading Jewish, Christian and Muslim theologians for a week of tripartite dialogue and interreligious joint study.
The Christian Leadership Initiative, a joint initiative of the Hartman Institute and the American Jewish Committee, was launched in July 2008 to enable the highest levels of Christian leadership in North America gain a better understanding of Judaism and modern Israel.
Christian Leadership participants come from a cross-section of Christian denominational and institutional leadership in North America and Europe. The Fellows in the comprehensive 13-month program include clergy and laity from academic institutions and religious organizations, parishes, dioceses, and national offices. Christian Leadership participants also will be in Jerusalem at the Hartman Institute during Summer 2009, after a year of study via videoconferences.

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