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Hartman Institute Begins Ethics Column in LA Jewish Journal

Articles will explore Jewish ethics and values in context of modern issues

Shalom Hartman Institute is proud to announce the launch of “Ethical Imperatives,” a monthly column in the Los Angeles Jewish Journal featuring timely commentary by Institute fellows and scholars. The column, which will appear in print and on the Jewish Journal website, will explore the intersection of Jewish ethics and values with timely political, cultural, spiritual, and personal issues.
The inaugural column is by Dr. Yehuda Kurtzer, President of the Shalom Hartman Institute of North America, and is titled, Two states for two peoples is a Jewish value . In his column, Yehuda writes:
Jewish power, in Israel and North America, is perhaps at its historical apex. We have greater ability now than ever before to shape our destiny and dictate our future, and our awesome ethical tradition impels us to do so with considerations that are different from those of every other nation-state. The basic standards of morality are what entitle us to a state of our own; the same claim should make us advocates for nation-states for others. Can the Jewish people, in this moment, face up to the core moral challenge of our time?
Click here to read all of, “ Two states for two peoples is a Jewish value .”
The Jewish Journal is establishing a place on its website where, as it says, “readers can engage with the writers… join the “Ethical Imperatives” conversation, suggest topics for future columns and learn more about the Hartman Institute.” Go to jewishjournal.com/hartman .

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