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Hartman Boys HS Wins Israel National Education Award

Hartman Institute’s Charles E. Smith Experimental High School for Boys has won the National Education Award, one of the highest possible honors that can be conferred upon an academic institution in Israel

The Hartman Institute is delighted to announce that the Charles E. Smith Experimental High School for Boys has won the National Education Award, the highest award in Israel’s education system. The prize, which is presented each year to seven educational institutions in Israel, will be awarded at the end of May.  

The school’s staff, students and their parents are proud to belong to a school whose vision combines special programs in the study of Jewish thought with social involvement and charity projects. Through these activities, the students and graduates of the school internalize the values of voluntarism, giving and contributing to society.
The school invests time and resources in all aspects of scholastic achievement. Alongside the promotion of personal excellence, the school also devotes attention to students with learning difficulties. The school also assists parents in managing the problems their sons encounter during adolescence, and provides emotional support to students.
The school’s efforts to address the complex challenges facing contemporary religious education are reflected in its curriculum, in its educational/social approach to a diverse population, in the integration of olim and in special education classes that are an integral part of the high school. At the same time, the school is committed to a high level of academic studies and individual support, as well as maintaining continuous contact and ties of mutual respect with parents and the community.
The Shalom Hartman Institute congratulates the school’s staff and principal, Zvi Yanai, the students and their parents and wishes them continued success as innovators in Jewish education.

Click here to read more about the high school, which provides academic and religious education to more than 300 boys from grades 7-12. Click here to see a preview of the high school’s new website (Hebrew only).



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