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David Hartman Featured on NPR Program

SHI President Emeritus David Hartman is featured on NPR’s ‘On Being’ program, available for online listening and viewing

(Krista Tippett, "OnBeing," NPR)
SHI President Emeritus David Hartman is featured in a lengthy interview on NPR’s "On Being" program that aired beginning September 22, 2011. The links below offer ways to download or listen to the program.
From the program’s description: "Philosopher and Rabbi David Hartman opens a window onto the inner life of the Israeli people — struggles and searching that shape news from this part of the world but are rarely heard directly. We experience an intimate reflection on the unfolding of Jewish tradition in the modern world….Rabbi David Hartman confronts God in the modern world, and the deepest meaning of the Jewish state, as a sacred obligation."
Program host Krista Tippett wrote in her blog:
"What David Hartman offers is a window into intra-Israeli searching and struggles that drive news headlines from this part of the world, but are rarely heard in and for themselves. The effect of his presence is at once humanizing, uncomfortable, and revealing.
"….As a Jew who chose to move to Israel with his wife and five children in the aftermath of the Six-Day War of 1967, David Hartman has lived along the continuum of the Jewish encounter with all those questions in the decades since. A former congregational rabbi, he created a think tank and educational center that has brought Jews of different traditions together in unprecedented ways.
David Hartman has also been an unusual religious figure in Israeli society as a leader who challenges traditional Judaism from the inside.

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