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Charles E. Smith High School for Boys Principal Zvi Yannai Retires

Zvi Yannai, longtime principal of the Charles E. Smith High School for Boys announced his retirement at the end of the school year

Zvi Yannai, longtime principal of the Charles E. Smith High School for Boys announced his retirement at the end of the 2013-2014 school year. In the fall, vice principal Shaul David will take over the reins as principal of the school, which has about 300 students from seventh through twelfth grade.
Since 1996, Zvi had been working to develop a staff and educational programs that expressed the vision of the school as an Orthodox, open, and experimental academy that sought excellence in its staff and students. Throughout his tenure as principal, Zvi continued teaching physics, Bible and Jewish thought.
Merav Badichi, principal of the Midrashiya High School for Girls, and the boys’ high school faculty , each offered their blessings to Zvi upon his departure at annual evening of the schools on May 29.
Dear Zvi,
In Haim Sabato’s book, Adjusting Sights, he writes: "There are acts and there are acts. There are great acts that are done at great times and everyone knows about them, and there are acts that seem small which are done in the small hours of simple days, but which really are great acts that testify to the world to come."
Zvi, you are a man whose acts may seem small, but are, in reality, great acts which testify to you and your character. Acts that you do every day, without making a big deal of them and without doing them to further your name. Acts that are full of grace, acts of repair and rebuilding a system from a place of truth and internal integrity. Acts that you do for the sake of truth and honesty in your eyes and in the eyes of God.
I want to thank you personally, and in the name of all the Midrashiya staff, for your contribution in establishing the Midrashiya, and for your support all these years.
We all wish you the best of luck in your journey. We wish you happiness and satisfaction, calm and free time for different enterprises (especially your grandchildren).
And best of luck to Shaul David in his new role.
Merav Badichi
Midrashiya High School for Girls
Dear Zvi,
You were a lighthouse of grace and humanity for us. You provided us with a rare combination of Torah and enlightenment, yirat shamayim (fear of God) and love of the land, and you showered us with love.
You built our community on these foundations and provided our students with constant and tireless support.
After two decades of leading this school, in which you achieved many educational successes, we part from you with blessings for the best of luck as you go on your way.
The Faculty
Charles E. Smith Boys High School
Staff of Charles E. Smith Boys High School with Zvi Yannai (bottom, second from left),
at Zvi’s home kibbutz, Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu

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