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Biblical Re-readings by Avivah Zornberg

Biblical sources from the re-readings of Avivah Zornberg


Biblical Re-readings
Avivah Zornberg
1) Seduced into Eden: the Beginning of Desire
Rashi: Bereishit 2:15
Rashi: Bereishit 2:23
Ramban: Bereishit 2:9
Rashi: Bereishit 3:9
Hosea 2:16
Jeremiah 20:7
Rashi: Bereishit 3:15
Pirkei de Rabbi Eliezer 13
Pirkei de Rabbi Eliezer 14
Babylonian Talmud, Hullin 60b
Bereishit Rabbah 20,16
2) Isaac: Blindness and Blessing
Babylonian Talmud, Yevamot 64a
Bereishit Rabbah 65, 5
Pirkei de Rabbi Eliezer 31
Shemot Rabbah 29,3
Bereishit Rabbah 63, 16
Rashi: Bereishit 27:7
Ramban: Bereishit 27:7
Sforno: Bereishit 27:27
Bereishit Rabbah 67, 3
Ramban: Bereishit 27:33
3) "Is it a Good Land or a Bad One" Love and Hate in the Story of the Spies
Rashi: Bamidbar 13:2
Ramban: Bamidbar 13:2
Rashi: Devarim 1:23
Rashi: Bamidbar 16:4
BT Arakhin 15a
Rashi: Bamidbar 14:33
Rashi: Bamidbar 14:13-15
BT Sanhedrin 111a-b
BT Shabbat 55b
Kohelet 9:22
Kohelet 9,2
Vayikra rabbah 20,5
Rashi: Devarim 1:27
Sforno: Bamidbar 14:11
BT Shabbat 31a
Rashi: Shabbat 31a
Rashi: Devarim 29;3
4) After Sinai: Desire in the desert
Ramban: Bamidbar 10:35
Ramban: Bamidbar 11:1
Rashi: Bamidbar 11:1
Rashi: Bamidbar 11:4
Rashi: Bamidbar 11:5
Rashi: Bamidbar 11:10
Shemot Rabbah 42,6
BT, Arakhin 11a
Likutey Moharan 282,2

From a lecture by Avivah Zornberg, compiled and edited by Laura Major

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