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Be’eri School for Teacher Education Plans for 5774

The School will open a new branch in Karmiel this fall

The Jerusalem-based Be’eri School for Teacher Education has grown exponentially since its establishment in 2010 and now offers training courses and seminars for hundreds of educators. Be’eri leadership is looking forward to the start of the 2013-2014. The School will open a new branch in Karmiel in Fall 2013. The establishment of this regional branch in coordination with Be’eri municipal partners in northern Israel – Karmiel, Nazereth Illit, Haifa, and the Golan Regional Council—will allow teachers from this region to easily access Be’eri resources, just as the Be’er Sheva branch, launched in October 2012 in partnership with Keren Daniel, the Be’er Sheva municipality, the Beit Yatziv regional educational center, and Ben Gurion University, serves southern educators. The inaugural Karmiel cohort will include 30 teachers from northern Israel.

Like their Be’er Sheva colleagues, Karmiel teachers will travel to the Jerusalem-based School at the Hartman Institute several times a year to meet their peers and study with additional Hartman faculty members, increasing their familiarity with the Institute and its all-encompassing attitude to pluralistic Jewish-Israeli identity education.
In addition to the intensive two-year teacher training courses held in Jerusalem, Be’er Sheva, and Karmiel and the principal training course in Jerusalem, Be’eri is planning the following initiatives for 2013-2014:
  • Leadership Program for Senior Municipal Professionals – This program will launch in 2013-2014 thanks to the generous support of Keren Nadav. Professionals from partner municipalities and the Ministry of Education will convene for full-day seminars focused on pluralistic Judaism in the educational and public spheres, Jewish peoplehood, and what it means to live in a Jewish and democratic state.   
  • Leading Educators Course – This group of 30 participants will meet with Dr. Ariel Picard, Educational Director of the Be’eri program fourteen times throughout the year. Curriculum will be dedicated to deepening participants’ Tarbut Yisrael expertise by pairing traditional classes with a Beit Midrash setting, fostering leadership skills, and improving pedagogic knowledge through educational seminars. Experiential learning seminars will enable participants to study principles of school facilitation through practical case studies.  
  • City-Wide Teacher Training Initiative for advanced Tarbut Yisrael teachers is a learning experience led by Be’eri municipal facilitators, covering Tarbut Yisrael curriculum subjects such as Jewish philosophy and culture and teacher leadership. Participants are empowered to develop educational projects for implementation in schools and municipalities. An additional training group of 15 educators will begin studying in Haifa joining 45 outstanding teachers participating in this program in Tel Aviv, Modi’in, and Jerusalem.   
  • Primary Schools Pilot Program – The result of a Ministry of Education partnership with the Haifa Municipality, a group of approximately 50 Haifa-based primary school teachers will participate in a 90-hour Be’eri training course, which will take place over two years. This pilot represents the strength of the municipal partnership and the potential for growth available through this model and provides an opportunity to add primary schools to Be’eri, thereby upgrading the municipal implementation of Jewish pluralistic education and fostering a more comprehensive system that reaches students in younger grades.   
  • MoE facilitators – At the request of the Ministry of Education, facilitators will meet monthly at the Jerusalem-based Be’eri School for Teacher Education for a full day of study. These facilitators are trained in Hartman philosophy to have a more pluralistic understanding of Judaism, which enables them to better implement the Tarbut Yisrael curriculum in non-Be’eri schools. This program, which is now in its third year, thus widens Be’eri’s impact even in non-Be’eri schools.

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