Zionism and Power

Is being in relationship a morally significant Jewish value that obligates us to commitment and steadfast devotion?

Zionism offers the Jewish people the gift of power. How can we embrace Israel as the fulfillment of human purpose, according to the Jewish story, while recognizing the human propensity for failure in the ethical use of power?

In her four-part series, Why Israel? Revisiting the Meaning of Zionism, Lauren Berkun explores why Israel should matter to a 21st century North American Jew. What are some of the most meaningful spiritual and moral visions for Israel today? How can we engage in a nuanced, pluralistic conversation about them? Each class consists of a weekly lecture, text study, and breakout discussion groups.

Other sessions in this series:

  • The Zionist Idea: October 27
  • Relational Zionism: November 3
  • Zionism and Overcoming History: November 17

This series is part of Ideas for Today, curated courses by Hartman Institute scholars on the big Jewish ideas of this moment.

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