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What’s Jewish About a Jewish State? A Jewish Narrative of Power

Lecture Title: What’s Jewish about a Jewish State? A Jewish Narrative of Power

Lecturer: Donniel Hartman 

Lecture Sources

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1. The Declaration of Establishment of the State of Israel

2. Speech of the IDF Chief of the General Staff for the March of the Living, May 2008

3. Israel’s Law of Return 1950

4. David Ben Gurion, Address to The Knesset on The Law of Return 1950

5. Ordinances of Law Governance 1948 

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6. Foundations of Jurisprudence law 1980  ??? ?????? ?????

7. Kahan Commission Report 1983 – see paragraph titled: The Indirect Responsibility

Program: Rabbinic Leadership Initiative

Program Year: 2010

Program Theme: Engaging Israel: Jewish Values and the Dilemmas of Nationhood

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